Rusk Portable leave the school

Posted on 05/02/2016

End of a Dynasty


May 2016 marks an historic day for Rusk Elementary school after 25 Plus years the portable building that have marked the landscape of the school are being removed.  When asked Why were these buildings being moved after all this time Mrs. Cobian replied “We no longer need them so we reached out to the El Paso Independent school district central office to have them removed so that the students will have more room to exercise.”  She went on to say that with the portables being gone Rusk will be able to have a small amount of grass and an eatable garden for science, writing and learning.  So to these building we bid a farewell and goodbye when we needed you, you were there, we hope you find a good home that will use you as we did.  More pictures can be found in our photo gallery.

M. K. Lawrence